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Our main focus is to generate ideas that create an impact on society and which stays memorable for a long time.

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Born on 19 December,2014 over a cup of coffee and tech discussions, Upturn India Technologies was formed with a dreamland intent to capture the then emerging Web & Social Media space.As on today,the company enjoys a strong positive reputation in market because of its result driven services and maintaining-the-deadline approach.

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Professional Services

We help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map

Digital Marketing Services and Training

We are in excellence with a leading marketing agency in nashik, india. Digital marketing is about establishing a relationship with your target audience, completely!

Cloud Software Development

Being a reputed software development company, we are committed to delivering innovative, robust and scalable software development services in Nashik.

Academic Projects and Research Services

We specialize in the development of academic projects for educational streams. We also provide Source code for Academic projects. Students can

Cyber Security Consultancy

Technology over the past few years has developed a progressively important part of the work. We Upturn India Technologies We offer an end-to-end service,

Website Development Services

Web development is the work involved in developing a website for the Internet or an intranet. Web development can range from developing a simple single static

Graphics designing services

From a simple sketch on paper, it has come a long way with high-end impressive designs created using designing software. However, the thing


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We help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map

August 4, 2020

आपण फेसबुक जाहिराती वापरत असाल — किंवा आपण भविष्यात त्या वापरण्याचा विचार करत असाल तर - एक महत्वाचे असे साधन आहे जे आपण वापरणे सुरू केले पाहिजे…

July 16, 2020

सध्याच्या स्पर्धात्मक युगामध्ये कोणत्याही उद्योग क्षेत्रातील उद्योगाचे यश हे डिजिटल मार्केटिंग किंवा ऑनलाइन मार्केटिंग यावर अवलंबून आहे यात काही शंकाच नाही. काही वर्षापूर्वी उद्योजक

July 16, 2020

आपला ईमेल आयडीचा यापूर्वी कुठे वापर झाला किंवा त्याच ईमेल आयडी च्या नावाने अजून किती ईमेल आयडी बनले आहेत ते आपण खाली दिलेल्या प्रोसेस प्रमाणे चेक करू शकतो.